Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Best Day

Yesterday was the best day I've had in a LONG time.
The "junior quilters" had another lesson at "All About Sewing" Charmhaven  43932200.  The girls are doing really well. Charlotte is now quilting beautifully...
Lara is really developing as a quilter and is keen to try EVERYTHING!!!! She ended up using some of Kim Bradley's templates to mark out her border quilt design........her borders now have scallops on them....looks gorgeous.

Beth made a bag.....and learnt how to read a pattern, cut out and follow instructions....
We only had three girls it was really lovely....everyone got some quality time.
The Central Coast Modern Quilt Guild holds its monthly meetings at "All About Sewing" Charmhaven, on the same day as the juniors...or is it the other way around? Anyway..a great way for the juniors to  be involved with older sewers as well.
The guilds President Leanne

 organised for a tutor to come to the shop and hold a workshop and yesterday Kim Bradley ran a workshop using a huge range of quilting templates that she has created to expand your quilting possibilities with your walking foot (morning) and freemotion techniques in the afternoon. It was an amazing workshop...Kim is a wonderfully creative person, and a great teacher as well.
The "Juniors" thought she was incredible and took every opportunity to duck aroung the corner to see what she was doing with the the point that Lara ended up using one of Kim's templates on the quilt she was working on.

Kim actually spent some time with the "Juniors" and really encouraged them...even giving them some notes at the end..the girls were thrilled to say the least.

Beth and Lara watching Kim teach.
Kim teaching.
The "Juniors" decided that they wanted their next lesson to be a "quilting" lesson using some of Kim Bradley's that is what we will do.
The best day!
Have a great week


  1. It was a wonderfully exhausting day...and the Juniors are just so darn cute and clever!! L xo

  2. Awesome. I know I over-use that word, but really .....awesome!