Monday, 9 April 2012


Sometimes when things get a bit "hairy" around here......which can be a lot....I find it REALLY useful to go home for a while, sleep in my childhood bedroom, listen to the sound of rain on Mum and Dad's tin roof, hang out with Mum and Dad....and remember what it was that I wanted to be when I grew up and what it was that I valued and held dear!
This Easter I was lucky enough to add to that mix "the Aunties" and Uncle Jim and some not often seen cousins from Newcastle.
Lots of laughing, catching up, gossip and love....I'm all back down to earth now. Family....aren't they just SO important?


  1. That's quality time don't you think Jan? Nothing like it!! Enjoy the little bit of time left for Easter.

  2. looks like you had a great is always nice to reconnect with your family......rain on a tin relaxing is that......

  3. I'm lucky to be a part of a big loving family :-D That feeling you speak of? I know it well and am MUCHO fond of it!! Lovely to hear such positive words :-)

  4. Looks like a wonderful time in the country....Nice and relaxing...L xo