Sunday, 18 March 2012

Junior Quilters

The Junior Quilters will meet again at "All About Sewing" Charmhaven this coming Sat. 24th March from 9am to 12pm.
Some of the girls will be finishing their quilts and the others will be working on a cute shoulder bag. They will be learning how to read basic pattern instructions and how to cut a pattern out. We should get the bag completed on the day. Paige will be working on a skirt.
I was excited to realise after talking tp the NSW Quilters Guild President Maree that our group of juniors can join the Guild for only $44.00 and that would allow anyone in the group to enter a quilt in the junior section of the Darling Harbour Quilt Show........will have to wait till next year though as we have missed the deadline this year!!!
A long awaited custom finished this week...
Have a great week


  1. The student's will be so motivated after attending one of those shows Jan. It's great that there is someone like yourself to pass on these skills. I'd love to see some of the work too, .......... so when the time comes, make sure they have a "virtual show" as well.
    Nice quilt too, I think the colouring is stunning, very "old world".

  2. The Juniors are going great good to see them excited about sewing.
    Is that Angie's quilt???

  3. Teach them to fish!!! You're great, Jan. Be sure to tell them about the NSW Guild under 35s comp, wont you? Over 20 grand worth of prizes, needless to say I'll be entering! Entries close 12 September 2012