Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Today the "Juniors" got together again at  "All About Sewing" Charmhaven.
We had Emily returning to finish her quilt and make a bag. Laura joined  us for the first time and did well to complete a bag.
Charlotte continuing to quilt her quilt beautifully..

The girls were sewing well and lots of good work was being done, with a lot of laughing and talking thrown in....possibly a bit too much laughing and talking as Lara managed to sew her finger..poor thing!! we were ALL nearly in tears.

Laura with her finished bag..well done!!

Emily wearing her finished bag as a scarf...surrounded by the other 2 giggle-girts!

A busy day which would have been excellent without the finger incident.


  1. You must be doing something right Jan, the girls are obviously enjoying themselves and coming back!

  2. Yep, furball farm said it.
    Machines can bite sometimes, it's all part of the learning :)