Sunday, 12 June 2016

Still Quilting Away.

Still quilting away....but life here is really hectic with lots of things creeping in to suck up any free time I may have. Once the Sydney Quilt show is over I will be letting a few things go as its too much to juggle and stay sane at the moment. I just want to simplify it all and just QUILT!

'Rustling Leaves' from Lorien Quilting

'Escargot' from Lorien Quilting

'Gusty'  From Lorien Quilting

Lovely colours...quilted with 'Swirls' by Vickie Malaski
We are going out with friends tonight for the first time in ages.....a social life.....what is that?

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  1. I know just where you are coming from, do hope you get some of that balance back soon. I am trying too.