Sunday, 9 February 2014

Busy Day

The Longarmers get together went well yesterday.....lovely show-n-tell.....nice food....great conversations.Lovely to meet some people properly for the first time (Colleen)
So we thought we would do it May and at "Morning Star Quilting" run by the lovely Sharon French. I will post more details soon.

 The lovely Leanne Harvey from "Mount Vincent Quilts" with one of her gorgeous lovely to catch up with her.

Sharon French from "Morning Star Quilting".....Sharon was my partner in crime in organising the day....great team effort.

Nice to get to know Jan Wand better....."Magic Wand Quilting" ....hope I got that right....great business name.

                                                 The lovely Cath....nice chatting to her.

Joan....her quilting was amazing...SO neat and precise.

Clare Fairless-Lewis from "Never Ending Quilting"....wowed us with many quilts...a very talented quilter.

Miss Beth with her Sydney quilt show entry.......she is quilting it on the domestic.......needs to get a move on I think.

Kaye Brown from "The Finishing Touch"......I cant thank Kaye and Bruce enough for coming up from Camden for the day.....made the day even more special...

Kay....recently moved to Coal Point......good discussion about quilting options on this quilt....

Joanne Knott from 'The Quilters Quilter"...beautiful digitised quilting patterns....Joanne bought up lots of show-n-tell showcasing some of her lovely wholecloth designs......the one above is now owned by ME......(the designs, not the quilt)....thankyou Joanne and Gary for coming.

Not everyone had we all are. Thanks to everyone who came for making it such an enjoyable day. Stay tuned for details on the next one.
Have a great week


  1. Looks like a fantastic day and get together with some amazing ladies! :)

  2. So many beautiful quilts. Looks like a fun day x

  3. Glad you had a good day, always fun times with a group of quilters. Would be good if you could make our SA retreat, 8 of us so far, for 3 days to chat etc.

  4. Looks like you had a good turn up Jan, together with some talented quilters too!! I really like the idea of the state gatherings. Something that used to happen a lot in the early days of AMQA. It just seems to have lost it's mojo.

  5. So sorry I missed it Jan, but happy another is planned. Looking forward to catching up soon.