Sunday, 16 February 2014

Block Swap

A small group of us have decided to do a block swap.I enjoyed the one organised by Trish so much last year...and when I showed the end results to Saturday's "sew-n-chat" girls we thought we would have another go this year.
We have chosen the above block called "Flying Squares", using a white, red, mid blue and dark blue colour scheme.
Each month we will need to create a set of identical blocks (number will depend on the number of people in the swap), keeping true to the position of the colours in the block. The idea is to vary the fabrics each month, (still using the same colours in the same spots). The swap will go for 6 months with the first set of blocks due at the end of March.At the end of the 6 months ALL blocks get sent to me and they are "shuffled" and sent back to participants.
At the moment we have 6 people interested and would really like a couple more. Do you think you might have the commitment needed to join us. Let me know if you do .
All block size cutting requirements, fabric quantities sent out soon.
Have a great week


  1. Looks like a great idea, and I hope you get some one else. Don't think I could commit to any more at the moment.

  2. Looking forward to the fun and challenge!