Sunday, 24 November 2013

Big Storms

Finished a small custom....among other things......some straight line work...loopy/loop background fill and 'Vickies flowers" repeated in the border...

The Caroline Bay Quilters invited Catherine Butterworth up for the morning to do a Show-n-tell....very inspiring...we have since booked her for a workshop in march 2014

Every second Saturday is a Sew-n-Chat which is allowing me a small amount of time to get some of my sewing scrappy drunkards path...

We have had several BIG storms lately....this photo was taken just before the heavens opened from outside the got really DARK like dusk.....


  1. good to get some sewing time for you , enjoy

  2. The weather has been crazy of late hasn't it... stormy one moment...sunny the next! Good to see you actually get some time to do your own sewing... looks like a nice workshop too! :)