Sunday, 24 February 2013

Two Custom's Done.

I got to finish two large custom's this week with NO time for anything else....

A wedding ring quilt which took AGES !!!!!

The back of a lovely needle turn quilt ...I used Keryn Emmersons "Bella Feather" with some hand guided outlining and background fill.

My signs were put up at the factory bay...Im really happy with them...

Hoping for a dry week...we have had SO much rain.


  1. You've done well to finish 2 customs! Lovely quilting. Glad things are going well in your new establishment. YOu may send some of the rain down here, it is so long since we have seen rain, and it is so hot this summer.

  2. Jan, it's normal for me to have a custom quilt on the frame for a week!!! You've done extremely well......... they look beautiful.

  3. wow the quilting is amazing......

    you are a very clever gal