Sunday, 3 February 2013

Settled in...

I have settled into the "new shed"..and actually managed to finish something...

The kids are back at school...Miss Beth celebrated her 12th birthday this week...luckily the first time in a long time that she hasn't been going back to school on her actual birthday......the big year 7 this year!!! Mister James is in year 9. I figure I'm allowed a few grey hairs now...time has gone by SO quick.

We always make "Ma's chocolate cake" (my mum)  for ANY birthday......very yummy....

I travelled down to Sydney on Friday for the first Friday Showcase of the year at the NSW Quilters Guild. It is held on the first Friday of most months. This months guest quilter was Lynn Lynn...loved the "journey" of her quilting that she took us on. I will be part of the 3 person team organising the Friday Showcase...I am enjoying being involved so far..

Have a great week


  1. The "new" red shed looks great all set up! I wish you all the best there! Happy birthday to DD and what beautiful quilts on display on the table too.

  2. Enjoy your new shed, it's looking good. Happy Birthday to Miss 12, and good luck for Year will survive.

  3. The new shed looks fabulous! Wow, year 7, if memory serves me well........... the grey hairs will really kick in now!

  4. The shed is looking good.......always nice to see a quilters the quilt in the middle but not sure what it is about.......happy stitching...Cathy

  5. glad you are all settled in the new shed.........lovely for you to be able to be involved with the quilters guild.......I see your in the nine patch swap too.......nice......

  6. Wow a new big red shed shed......a little home away from home
    wow a big year ahead with Miss year 7 and Mr year 9, the years just baby just bought her first car