Sunday, 21 October 2012

Quilting Class

Just had to share this photo of Ruby ....she just loves the camera.....almost like she knows what it is for...

Tried out some new patterns this week...I have joined two pantograph from Lorien Quilting....the first photo is "Hollyhock"from Lorien.....and also Keryn Emmerson's "Kitchen Sink"club...will try some of those newies this week.
The second photo is Lisa Calle's "starlets" and is available free from her website.....thought it would be good for kids quilt...

Quilting classes are held at "All About Sewing" Charmhaven on the first Saturday of the month and the third Friday. The idea is to run you thru' a 'basics' lesson and  from then on you bring your own thing to QUILT. The classes have been going well and I am constantly being amazed at the work being produced!!

This is a close up of Wendy's homework......she worked out the quilting plan/design last lesson and went home and quilted it with her walking foot. Love it!

Gail and Angela... freemotion quilting for the first time...

Wendy and Di hard at work...

Jan and Jayne with her block design stitched out...

Busy week coming up...lots to get thru' before Santa comes..
Have a good one.


  1. I like the thread colour you have used with the Hollyhock design. Your working with some very talented ladies, quilting using the domestic machine is so hard, I admire anyone who can master it.

  2. Yes I agree that quilting on a domestic is a skill I don't have. And your right that Christmas is coming too fast.