Sunday, 23 October 2011

This Week at the Shed

This week at the shed has been busy and a bit dusty...we are putting up a new back verandah.....only needed doing since we moved in 12 years can't rush these things.
Bob and Ruby are worn out with all the helping.

Lots going on in the shed with a few E-2-E completed and a custom finished.

Love this quilt. I have a thing about reproduction fabrics..just love the colour. I also love the simplicity of this quilt. I have just joined a reproduction fabrics club and am considering what to do with the fabric I have.

This custom quilt has taken a while. Lots of stitch in the ditch and outlining, background fills and flower motifs..hope she likes it.

Lots of work has come in this week...I think I need to have a tidy up in the shed!!
Happy Quilting

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