Saturday, 15 October 2011

Four Novocastrian Girls in the City

Today 15th Oct 2011, four Novocastrian Quilters got up early and drove to Sydney to present the 2012 Raffle Quilt to the NSW Quilters Guild who held their A.G.M. today.
Here are Debbie (the quilt's creative director), Elizabeth, and they are about to do some collective retail therapy at "Quiltsmith"....four Novocastrian girls can't go to Sydney without some essential, necessary purchases.

Then we were off to Burwood RSL for the NSW Quilters Guild AGM where we had been invited to unveil the 2012 Raffle Quilt and showcase some of our work.
On the way as we took the tourist  route it was amazing where you might find quilting inspiration.

The NSW Quilters Guild AGM

Jan, Ros,Debbie and Elizabeth in front of the 2012 NSW Quilters Guild Raffle Quilt. Designed By Debbie Carraro , pieced and appliqued by around 20 Novocastrian Quilters, and quilted by me.. Jan Foster. We are very proud of what we have created.

Elizabeth, Debbie and Ros talking with Maree Gebhardt.

Debbie presenting the quilt.

We got a chance to present some of our work to the Guild members.

Ros presenting her 2010 Novocastrian challenge quilt winning entry.

Elizabeth's quilt.

Elizabeth's 2011 Novocastrian challenge quilt entry.

Debbie's quilt.

Debbie's 2011 Novocastrian challenge quilt entry.

We were treated to a very impressive showcase of "Men who Quilt"

I just loved this quilt and when I got talking to its creator, Anthony, it turned out that he was from the Central Coast too!!! I just HAVE to make one.

And this is how we ended the day....thanks for driving Debbie!

Happy Quilting

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  1. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for your message on mine. I just got a new camera, so still trying to work it out. Love your raffle quilt above. Also, wouldn't mind one of those desserts right about now. MMmmmm. x