Sunday, 16 July 2017

Missing in Action

Along time between post. Have just been so busy. A huge highlight has been being one of the judges for the Sydney Quilt Show. A wonderful experience.....and spending a few days at the show with Mum and Miss Beth.

Here I am in front of my quilt,hung in the area reserved for the judges quilts. A project a long time in the making. It gave me a reason to finish it.
Trying to get back to a normal routine now that school hols are over. Way behind!!!


  1. How exciting to be judging.......there sure were some gorgeous quilts........
    would not have been an easy job at all............well done........I had a couple of days there inspiring.......

  2. Such a lovely quilt Jan, to be a judge, exciting...there were some beautiful quilts there this year!

  3. Well done on the judging, with so many quilts, it would have been a big job.