Sunday, 25 October 2015

New Backings.

Lovely new backings with more arriving...

Big new roll of cotton the smell even.....

Favourite finish for the week quilted with "Ric-rac"by Keryn Emmerson.

Working on this custom at the moment.....only 2 customs to go.....

Count down till Christmas new orders taken....working my way through the edge-to-edge pile.

Clarinet lesson today. Glad to say I am longer making the odd horrible squeak.



  1. Ooh love that bottom backing. Must be a fun part of your job. The ricrac quilting is very effective. Congratulations on your new position with the guild.

  2. Nice backings, where did you source them from? Also love the effect of the ric rac, might have to use it a bit more.

  3. Your quilting is always wonderful Jan. Lovely backing fabrics too. Xox