Sunday, 1 March 2015

Getting Ready...

Getting ready for "Craft Alive" in Dubbo at the end of March. Lots of new wide backings have come in. Have also restocked labels and note pads from "Hatched and Patched".

A few patterns to check and write up...... will have "Wiggle Wobble" patterns for sale..

and "Daisy Chain"....

and "Geometry", "Firecracker" and "Noughts and Crosses".....

I am also guest speaker at this Friday's Showcase at the Quilters Guild of NSW Inc......I am very nervous about this.....I hope I have enough quilts to show and that I dont talk too quickly.
But today is housework unfortunately.....maybe some sewing later on today....


  1. All the best with your talk. Something about a deadline to get things finished isn't there.

  2. haven't heard anything about that you go last year?

  3. Ohh might have to come down for a visit, I need some backings. Have fun at craft alive.