Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Website and....

Happy New Year.....

My new website is up and running.....still a few things to tweek ....and add....

and that will all come with time.

I am still on "holidays"......and have managed to read a few books and go to the beach with the kids a few times.....BUT I must admit I have been a bit distracted by the new addition to Red Shed Quilting.

I am now stocking the "HQ Sweet 16" sit down longarm quilting machine.Great specials to be had till the end of January.....take a look at the Red Shed Quilting's website for further details.

Sales and tuition I have been playing with that and getting class samples designed and stitched out.
Classes are up on the new website....with samples to follow as completed.

Miss Beth playing with the new "toy".

This year is jam packed full of new ventures as well as quilting for clients. I cant wait to get amongst  it all.
Keen to get back into it. For the next two weeks I will be working half days in the shed (see website for times) and back to work properly on the 27th January.



  1. Wow, you will be busy, hope it goes well for you. You might need another couple of Jan's!

  2. Awesome! The way your new website complements the look of your blog is strikingly tasty to the eyes. Plus, I love that the new website has already been updated with all of the information needed to get to know Red Shed Quilting. I'm sure a lot of people has already signed up for your workshops. Good job, Jan. Kudos to you! :)

    Traci Holt @ Wilson Digital Marketing