Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sam the Pound Cat

Meet Sam.....our newest fur person.....from a pound somewhere in Sydney.....thought to be around 1 year old. He's a lovely boy and has settled in well....still very wary of Bob dog and Ruby Two Shoes........although Ruby is keen to get friendly..

Finished this large custom yesterday......a Pam Furniss design......mostly freehand with statler stitched motifs in the scallop and second border in.....I am pleased with the result and that another custom quilt is off the list...

I will be dividing up the block swaps ready to be delivered to their owners today....thanks to all who participated..

Enjoy your Sunday


  1. Pound cats and dogs are special creatures, I think Sam will show you a lot of love. Gorgeous quilt.

  2. Lucky Sam to have found a loving comfy family . . (with a house full of quilts!)
    The custom order quilt is beautiful. Dont you wish you could keep all the quilts that you see!

  3. Thank you to Jan for organizing the block swap for us, and to let the ladies know that my parcel arrived this morning very early (30/10/14).
    The variety in the fabrics is great, and it has been so nice to have a project to work on month to month, and have a big pile of finished blocks at the end of it. Thank you, Susan A.