Sunday, 6 April 2014

Local Quilt Shows

I'm off to the Caroline Bay Quilters exhibition today...held at the Gosford Regional Gallery....should see some lovely work.
Next weekend the Central Coast Charity Quilt Show is on again at Wyong Race Club. Lots of quilts and local vendors. I need to get organised for my little stand this week.
Friday Showcase at the NSW Quilters Guild was interesting with Yvonne Line the guest Quilter...listening to her discuss her creative artistic journey was wonderful...

Finished a charity quilt for the NSW Quilters Guild.....and took it down.....

 Finished a MASSIVE glad to finish it and post it home to its owner...

The sun is trying to shine here today after many gloomy days.....have a lovely Sunday.


  1. Enjoy the sunshine, it is lovely weather here at the moment, and well done on the big quilt finish, always a good feeling to finally finish the larger ones.

  2. You always amaze me with your quilting prowess... :)