Sunday, 3 March 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Began the week by totally rearranging the display area....we were lucky enough to get the carpet display rack/stand  from Jackie at Blueberries as she was getting rid of it.....had to shuffle everything around to fit it in......should be a good way to display some finished quilts.
You can just see the stand in the left hand corner.

Of course it was pouring with rain as we moved it...

Woke to a beautiful sunrise on Monday....a busy,busy week

Some yummy new wide backing fabrics arrived....

Some E-2-E's finished....

Finished a custom...
Have a great week


  1. The new Red Shed is looking great! You've done some great work this week too, the Custom quilt looks lovely.

  2. good to be busy I guess, but nice to get off the merry go round too? Guess it has been a big job with the move, well done, looks good.

  3. Wow Jan, Your new place is coming along so nicely. You must be very happy. Your quilting is as lovely as always. Xo Mon

  4. I am sure you will enjoy your new shed it is looking great. The hearts in the clam shell pattern are lovely. The custom looks fantastic!