Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Quilt Purchase

I have never purchased someone else's quilt before, but when I saw that this one was for sale at a local patchwork shop "Blueberries" ..I just had to grab it.
I quilted it for Jackie the owner of "Blueberries" a LONG time ago..and I felt it just had to come home with me....

A few E-2-E's finished.....

My walking foot wholecloth finished.....
It is a pattern from Keryn Emmerson's collection....wholecloth's for beginners...designed to be stitched out entirely with your walking foot...took a few Sunday afternoons.

Have a great week


  1. When you have done the quilting you feel as though you have a vested interest in the quilt, don't you. Sometimes I would like to have some back that go "out the door" with their owners!

  2. Can't say I blame you for purchasing that quilt, ....... it's a keeper, and no doubt sighting it took you back to the time and place where you quilted it. Nice work Jan, I like what you've been doing.