Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thursday with the Juniors

I love school holidays because we get to have the "All About Sewing Junior's" in for a class.....a great day today!

A quilt top finished ready for quilting.

A new quilt laid out ready to sew.

A row of above quilt sewn together.

Some butterflies embroidered.

A new student who spent some time in the "unpicking chair".... but said she wanted to come next week anyway!!!

Some scallops quilted into a border....really well ....even though she doesn't look like all is going well.
Some chocolate cake eaten...the usual.
A great day.
Next "Juniors" is Thursday  12th July.
Have a great week

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  1. What fun! I was so scared at that age to use a sewing machine. I was really bad on the foot was all or nothing - flat out. Scary stuff. These girls are fantastic!